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Academy Recruiters is well known throughout the Defense and Military communities, and maintains a database of 55,000+ Defense Executives and Military Officers with exceptional academic and defense industry credentials. This database, together with our Service Academy business and personal networks, gives us a distinct advantage in quickly finding highly qualified candidates for our corporate clients.


For the past 30+ years Academy Recruiters has provided Executive Search Services to the Defense industry.  Our Defense Recruiting Practice is unique in that the majority of our recruiters are former senior military officers who are West Point, Annapolis and Air Force Academy alumni. Our in-depth understanding of the military, together with our extensive Department of Defense and Service Academy recruiting networks, gives us  a solid understanding of how best to search for and find qualified Defense industry professionals  for hard-to-fill positions, many of which require high-level security clearances.

Partial Listing of Defense Searches


The United States Military educates and trains the most dynamic leaders in the world and, therefore, provides a highly talented virtually un-tapped resource pool for corporations.  As military officers transition to the civilian workforce, they bring with them years of leadership experience, a 24/7 work ethic, and a strong desire to succeed. The majority of these officers have Bachelor and or Master degrees in Engineering, Operations Management, Computer Systems, Finance, and Business.

Skilled in project management, communications, training and decision making, military officers provide a multi-level skill set that can be successful in almost any position and industry. From a cost reduction perspective, the relocation of Officers leaving the military is paid by the government. This, together with the available Federal Tax Credit, makes hiring military officers a very cost effective decision.

Why Hire Military?


Designing Military Recruiting Services

There has been a significant increase in demand from our non-defense clients to hire former military officers. As a result, our firm has developed a variety of customized recruiting, on-boarding, and leadership development services designed to establish military recruiting and retention programs.


BE A HERO Hire A Hero Veteran & Wounded Warrior Expos

Academy Recruiters is one of the proud organizers and supporters of the Be A Hero Hire a Hero organization that hosts several Veteran hiring Expos throughout the country each year. These Expos are attended by major corporations, government agencies and universities. Last year over 6,000 Veterans and 200 companies attended these events. For additional event information, please go to www.BeAHero-HireAHero.com







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